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Camille CROS


Provides external trainings in Government (Administrative) Law:  Public Works and Litigation, Urban Planning Law and Law related to Government Administration

  • Vitrolles,  20 December 2017,  Camille animates a lunch-debate on real estate co-ownership associations, following an invitation from the local branch of the national business network UPE13,
  • Marseille, 24 November 2017, Camille participates, like in past years, in the organization of the 15th Meeting on Law and Administrative Procedure,  with the theme: "Water in the City" – Bar offices,  51 rue Grignan - room Albert Haddad Marseille,
  • Paris, December 2012,  Camille speaks on the topic “The Limits of the intervention of the Government in Local Semi-Public (part government owned) Companies, Professional Fair, Business Real Estate (SIMI),
  • Lyon & Paris in 2012, Camille participates in the bi-annual training in “Syndical Law and the Strikes in Government Administrations", for Comundi trainings.
  • Brussels, October 2010, Camille drafts the written documentation for "Concessions – PPP – In House Contracts "In house" : State of French Law" – European Commission European  – round table,
  • Paris, July 2010, Camille drafts supporting documentation for the training "The Decree no. 2010-164 of 22 February 2010 on Competence of Operations of Administrative Jurisdictions”  Bar Training in Paris