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The International Chamber of Commerce Pre-Moot in Paris

The International Chamber of Commerce Pre-Moot in Paris

Published on : 09/04/2019 09 avril Avril 2019
William attended the International Chamber of Commerce's practice training in Paris called a "pre-moot" as coach of the team representing the Institute of Business Law at Aix-Marseille University.

The pre-moot is one of many the team attended in preparation for the Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Vienna that starts Friday the 12th April.

There were 28 teams representing law universities from around the world.
The 4-member team from IDA argued against teams from Paraguay, Poland, Brazil, and the Netherlands.

Preparation for the Vis Moot is handled within a graded option entitled International Litigation. William, who co-chairs the programme, uses the Moot case study in courses, notably on International Arbitration and the United Nations Convention on International Sales of Goods.  The selection process for the Moot team consists of an interview, motivation letter and research paper, once students have been accepted in the Master 2/DJCE.

The Vis Moot Programme involves preparation of a memorandum on demand and defense using law, legal writings and jurisprudence from around the world followed by an oral practice phase with practice pleading sessions in many countries leading to hearings in Vienna in April with 378 Universities participating this year.

The issues raised are often current and not settled in the world. This year, notably, determination of the law applicable to the arbitration agreement, applying recent cases from the United Kingdom and Singapore, amongst others. Additionally, whether the Tribunal has the power to adapt the contract in the presence of a poorly drafted hardship clause and whether hardship exists in the presence of imposition of retaliatory import tariffs. Sound familiar?
Legal professionals and professors “coach” the team.
IDA’s team does well, having outperformed top teams from the States, England, and Switzerland…

The programme starts with the publication of the case study on the first Friday in October each year and lasts about 6 months.


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